About the MSP-3

3 Sensors… 1 Pass… 3 Maps: The MSP-3 is One Incredible Machine!
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Map soil texture using soil electrical conductivity and produce precise maps of the soil variability in your fields.

Map organic matter with an optical sensor operating underneath crop residue and the soil surface.

On-the-go pH mapping uses pH electrodes to measure 5-10 pH samples per an acre.


About the maps

Collecting a few lab samples calibrates the MSP3. The Results: Precise, detailed maps of organic matter, CEC, and pH. This information accurately delineates soil zones, making ideal maps for varying seed population rates, nitrogen, lime, gypsum, and other inputs. Because the soil sensor readings can be calibrated to actual OM, CEC, and pH levels, the maps can be used to manage inputs across a farm or even across a region.

Topography measurements can be acquired simultaneously and co-located with MSP-3 soil sensor readings.