Farmers are being urged to regularly monitor the nutrient status and structure of their soils

“With incorrect pH resulting in drops of crop yield of up to 30 per cent, the wrong pH level can have large financial ramifications for dairy businesses through reduced soil quality, lower uptake of nutrients in slurry, manures and purchased fertilisers, and poorer competition of grass and clover species against weed species.”

Farmers are also being encouraged to bring along soil samples (quantity of a small spade) to the DairyCo-Eblex-BGS stand to discuss aspects of soil management with the experts. Soil texture and structure will be inspected and tests conducted looking at pH, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium levels.

It is also important farmers understand their soil structure. Good soil structure is vital for maintaining productive pastures, however, a recent survey across England and Wales has shown more than 70 per cent of grassland soils are exhibiting signs of soil compaction.

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