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About the pH Manager and Soil pH

Veris offers the world’s only on-the-go pH sensing system – the pH Manager. Used in conjunction with EC and/or OM sensing, either two or three critical soil properties are mapped simultaneously.

Why It Matters

Soil pH is an important factor in crop production. Nutrient usage, crop growth, and herbicide activity are all affected by the pH of the soil. Grid samples are simply not dense enough to do the job. Within many hectare grids, there is a wide range of pH values, often ranging from soils that call for lime to soils that are already extremely high in pH.

The Equipment

Veris on-the-go pH sensing is surprisingly simple, in fact it has only one moving part – a soil sampler shoe. When the hydraulic cylinder pushes it in the ground, soil flows through. When the cylinder picks up the shoe, the soil in the shoe trough is pressed against the pH electrodes. After a few seconds the shoe is lowered again to collect more soil. As it does, the new soil coming in moves the previous soil sample out the back of the shoe trough – and spray nozzles clean the pH electrodes. The shoe raises, and the process is repeated – with no action from the operator and no stopping. Approximately 12-25 samples per hectare, thousands of samples per day – delivering affordable, accurate maps of pH variability. The pH Manager is part of the Mobile Sensor Platform (MSP), which allows other sensor modules to be added – including the MSP-3 for mapping EC, pH, and OM at the same time!


Put lime in its place with unmatched precision. On fields with calcareous soils, a Veris pH map will accurately delineate areas that will likely never need liming.